Sunday, December 16, 2018

Have your Hawaiian vacation planned by experts for $22.95

Since the average couple will spend a few grand on a vacation to Hawaii, it makes sense for them to spend an extra twenty bucks to be sure they will have a good time. No Worries Hawaii—a vacation planning guide decades in the making—makes it happen.

The guide is for first-timers AND for repeat visitors who find themselves going to the same place and doing the same stuff and want to branch out. The heart of No Worries Hawaii is a simple but ingenious self-test that really (really) directs you the the activities and places that get you pumped, and helps you avoid those you are not interested in. The result is a vacation that's a custom fit, and not off the rack.

Hawaiian activities—36 in all, including hiking, snorkeling, shopping, kick-back beaches, rainforests, surfing, museums and cultural sites, luxury resorts—are arranged in a list. You choose what you "gotta have," "would be nice," or don't care about. The test summarizes your results  and directs you to the island is the best fit. 

For each activity, the guide lists the Top 5 in the state, the Top 20, and then all the others that are worth a look. 

No Worries Hawaii also offers money-saving tips and lists the fabulous freebies. The guide steers you toward the type of accommodation you desire (mid-range condo, rustic, beach cottages, resorts strips, etc.) and gives hand-picked recommendations.  Tips on booking flights and rental cars, and how to avoid hassles are also included. 

A centerpiece of the book is its safety section, which offers specific advice on beach and trail hazards. All types of tour activities are also rated—is it worth the money? how to save money?

This  book is not full of platitudes and generalizations. It has well-organized, specific advice from authors who have spent decades in the Islands, and have published outdoor-cultural guides for each island that have been in print and updated for 20 years.

Aloha and Happy Holidays!