Saturday, November 4, 2017

In Hawaii, You Gotta Have sole

If shoes tell a lot about a person, then people are harder to read in the Islands, where feet run free. Hawaiians are barefoot at  beach parks and in their homes, and footwear usually means a cheapo pair of flip flops.  Fashion note: "Locals' is the brand to buy, if you want to be in with the out crowd.

The universality of the Aloha spirit is due in large part to the shared freeing of the ten little piggies let loose in tropical waters and on sandy beaches. 

Called slippers (slippahs), your basic rubber model can be purchased for a few bucks. But for extended walking, you may want to invest in a higher-end model with arches, agressivetread, and a wider strap. Teva and Reef are among the brands to look for. These babies will get you around town or along a trail, and then can be strapped to the pack or carried when you hit the surfy sands. Tip: Avoid the strap-on sandals, since sand gets caught in the webbing and will quickly rub your feet raw.

Walking on the beach will the smooth the tootsies faster than a pedicure, and also is self-administered reflexology, imparting the well-being of a prolonged foot massage. Tip: If caught barefooting on scorching sands, dig down a few inches to where the sand is cool, and repeat the trick until you reach shade or water.

After a vacation your feet will transform from flesh pods normally encased  by socks  and leather, to the five-digit appendages that are siblings to your hands. The Trailblazer guides are full of coastal beach walks (wild and luxury) where you can free your sole.