Monday, March 27, 2017

An Island Style vacation: Don't let Yelp bite you in the butt

Months of planning and thousands of dollars go into a Hawaiian vacation, so it's easy to understand that people want to 'see all the best stuff' and not miss out. Of course that means, in part,  going to Yelp and TripAdvisor, humma humma humma, to find out what the best stuff is. And then locating it and putting it on the day-to-day, hour-by-hour vacation schedule.

This strategy has several drawbacks. The main one is that visitors may well miss what has made people fall in love with the Islands, namely, living 'Island Style.' (See the bottom of this post for the best definition of 'Island Style.'

Part of an Island Style vacation is knowing when to depart from an itinerary and follow your instincts to something that looks cool.

You also want to go with the flow on a given day, let your mood dictate events, even though you may have had different plans. The weather in a given locale also should help decide the day's outing.

There's no rush. Hurrying to the next attraction often puts you in a crowd of people, who are doing the same thing. 

We all love our smartphones and the Internet. But remember that everyone is looking at them, so that what's 'best' may not turn out that way, mainly because too many people are there.  Each island has its 'tourist commute,' i.e., normal times during which hoards of people do the same things. Island Style means getting outside that pattern.

We (authors of the Trailblazer guides) have spent many years exploring just about every beach, trail, resort strip, and attraction on all the Islands. Sometimes we wonder if we know less than some dude who has been sitting at (for example) Pokai Beach Park on Oahu staring out to sea that whole time.

Trailblazer guides present many choices for active and independent travelers who want to find a place to call their own and let Hawaii work its magic.

What is Island Style?  Take a listen: