Saturday, November 19, 2016

Aloha from the Big Island of Ama'reeka

We know that many of you in the Islands head to the Mainland for the holidays, and when you do, we've got you covered: Golden Gate Trailblazer is a guide to San Francisco and Marin County, and Alpine Sierra Trailblazer takes you down the east side of the Sierra on the way from Reno to Las Vegas. You don't have to get far from Highway 395 to see petroglyphs that will remind some of those found in Hawaii, particularly on the Big Island.

This figure will be familar to anyone who has visited the fields at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and South Kohala, but it was crafted just north of Bishop, California.

These densely packed rock etchings look more like those in Olowalu on Maui, but they were made south of Mammoth, California.

Trailblazer guides are for lovers of the great outdoors and those who appreciate the cultural treasures left by explorers who have gone before us.