Monday, April 25, 2016

Fifty shades of blue and green: A Study of the Beaches of Hawaii

The colors of the sea, sky, and island swirl in a mix of blues and greens—and just when you've got it figured, along comes a cloud and the photo changes. And it's time to begin another long look. From Kikaua Point Park in South Kohala on the Big Island, Mauna Kea rises from the horizon like another island (which it once was).

Lanikai Beach on Oahu's Windward side is always cool and easy on the eyes. Although several islands are visible (and reachable via swim or kayak), the rise of land from this angle is Kaneohe Peninsula.

The welcome shade of green palm fronds accent the portrait at Kekaha Kai State Park, just north of Kona on the Big Island—a literal oasis of blue fenced in by vast fields of scorched black lava fields. 

The blue-green theme rules at Kauai's Pu'u Poa Beach at the St. Regis Resort in Princeville (below). But the backshore on the north shore here is the antithesis of scorched: Jagged green ridges of Hawaii's wettest mountains are a jungle of plant life. 

These guides continue the story.  Start your engines, start exploring with Trailblazers!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Free 'outdoor classes' in Hawaii

You can spend a pile in Hawaii hiring guides to take you places. Or, pick up a Trailblazer guide before your trip and check out all the outdoor tours you can do for free on your own time.

Having fun and getting fit is  as easy as one, two, three ... four!

1. HIKE: Choose from coastal beach walks and jungle treks—or do both at the same time on Kauai's Kalalau Trail.

2. BIKE: Take a leisurely bike path or go for the gusto into a tropical forest, like this one among many on the Big Island's Stainback Highway.  (Renting a bike is a cheap thrill.)

3. SNORKEL: Tour boats anchor in Maui's Coral Gardens, but you can flipper there on your own as long as the surf's not up.

4. SURF: We've got all the breaks for all levels including SUP. (And also all the best places to be a spectator.)

Trailblazer Travel Books are brimming with ideas, both outdoor sports and all the cultural attractions that complete a vacation in Hawaii. There's lots to do. Get a copy well in advance of your trip and then break out the yellow highlighter. The books are organized by geographical area (rather than by activity) so you won't have to do a lot of flipping through pages. Once in Hawaii you'll be ready to take the plunge.