Sunday, March 13, 2016

Traveling with kids in Hawaii is a natural

Trailblazer Travel Books—for all the islands—have special Trailblazer Kids sections, for activities, beaches, attractions, and trails. Most of the fun is free.

Lydgate Park, Kauai

Canoes Beach on Maui, (top pic) just north of Kihei's Kamaole Beach Parks, specializes in kid-sized surf waves. It's right next to Kalama Parks, often the site of weekend events. One of the best beaches in Hawaii for the young ones is Kauai's Lydgate Park. A huge man-made ocean swimming pool is the main attraction, but the park also has a large lawn with playsels and an enormous Play Bridge, a five-level, maze-like structure that can accommodate a bus load of scurrying kis.

Dolphins and children are natural best buds. Dolphin Quest, on the Big Island and Oahu, offers learning programs. But you can also get up close for free: On Oahu, visit the Kahala Mandarin Oriental; on the Big Island check out the huge ocean side pool at the Hilton Resort in South Kohala.

Of course, sand and gentle surf provide and undending source of amusement. Trailblazer books list all the beaches that are kid-safe. (Though a watchful eye is always necessary.)

There are no rules against learning while having fun. The tide pools at the beach park just outiside of Pu'u Hononua O Honaunau National Park south of Kona are a sure thing.

Aside from up-close looks at dophins, the Hilton Resort on the Big Island serves up a Disneyesque boatload of attractions. Boats voyage the resort's canal, and a monorail travels its extensive grounds.

Sea turtles sunbathe on all the islands, but on the Big Island the slow-moving reptiles are a commonplace sight.  In Hawaii, children are called "keikis" (kay-keys), the same name given to young banana shoots, which each year provide the food necessary to sustain life. Parents traveling with kids are always welcomed into the community.  Still not sure which island to visit? Consult your No Worries Hawaii ebook.