Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kauai hiking update: Kahili Mountain Park trails are closed

Two trails in south Kauai—a thrilling-but-risky trek up razorback Kahili Ridge, and a tame stroll to a Norfolk pine forest—are no longer open to hikers. Landowner Knudsen Corporation, which has owned a large chunk of the island since 1872, has decided to close the trails and prohibit access.

The rustic cabins of Kahili Mountain park, adjacent to the trailheads, may also be closed. Previously a Seventh Day Adventist School on site leased the land from Knudsen, and used income from the cabins to help support the school. Hikers for years were able to hike these trails on private property by asking permission at the cabin administrative offices.

Trail status in Hawaii is always in flux, due to both man-made concerns and events created by Mother Nature.  Visitors should always heed signs and use common sense when determining whether a trail is safe or advisable.