Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kauai Farmacy: Just What the Doctor ordered

A few weeks adventuring in Kauai is bound to cure whatever ails you, but for a little insurance of continued good health weeks after you get home,  pull in at the Kauai Farmacy Tea Wagon for some takeaway.

The wagon is not far up Kilauea's Kuawa Road on the way to Common Ground on the northeast coast.  Their teas are all organically grown in the neighborhood.  The trailer may be petite but their list of ingredients is long: allspice, aloe vera, ashwagandha, bergamot, breadfruit, calendula, cassava, cayenne pepper, chicory root, cinnamon, comfrey, curry leaf, daisy, edible hibiscus, gardenia, ginger (galangal), gotu kola, guava, Hawaiian chili pepper, hyssop, jalapeno, kaffir lime, lavender, lemon, lemon balm, lemon-grass, lemon verbena, mamaki, marjoram (sweet), moringa, mint, mulberry, noni, orange, oregano (Italian, Greek, Cretian), passion fruit, loquat, pineapple sage, poha berry, Polynesian spinach, roselle, rosemary, sage, soursop, spilanthes, star fruit, stevia, sugarcane, summer savory, thyme, tulsi, tarragon, turmeric, valerian, yacon.

The magic is in their blends, with teas such as Tranquility, Wellness, Energy and Love Potion. On sale are twelve medicinal tea blends, extracts, elixirs and culinary herb blends. Freshness is a big selling point as is the advice given by the friendly rep behind the counter.

Co-owner Jenna Wolkon oversees the operation, down to details like hand-lettering the sign on her cute mobile headquarters. Their teas are also available by the cup (you gotta try it) at the counter, or at several Kauai locations, like Living Foods, Papaya's Natural Foods, and Small Town Coffee. Kauai Farmacy is an example of the kind of green entrepreneur you see on the island, as well as a growing grow-where-you-eat mindset—and in Kauai the range of garden goodies is broad and exotic.

For more product information, go to the Kauai Farmacy website.