Monday, January 6, 2014

Honolua Bay: Maui's world-class wave machine

Snorkelers flock to Honolua Bay, but surfers say the real action is at the bay's north tip where a sweet right-break seemingly never ends. Although not on the big-boy pro circuit, some of Hawaii's best surfers regularly show up here. It's that good, and even better for spectators. To get a ringside seat, drive around the bay and turn off to the left when you reach the top of the road. You can see well from the parking lot, but check out the eagle's nest view that is a short distance down the point on a rugged trail. 

Looking inland toward the Honolua Marine Conservation District. Tip: The better lookout is on the other side of the bay, just past Mokuleia Bay when coming north from Kapalua. From there you can scope snorkeling conditions--specifically whether stream runoff has muddied the waters.

Find full directions to this spot in your Maui Trailblazer guidebook.