Sunday, November 23, 2014

Waianae: The most scenic Hawaii coast that few tourist see.

Not one in a thousand among the visitors to Oahu get out to see one of the most beautiful, wild coastlines in all of Hawaii. Steep bluffs of the Wainae Mountains give way to lush Valleys and long sandy beaches. To to get here, visitors must drive through the disenfranchised towns of Nanakuli, Wainae, and Makaha, which are a little rough around the edges even for locals from elsewhere on the island.

But the truth is, the West Side has a heart of gold. Just hang out at Makaha surfing beach on the weekends. And beyond Makaha begins an undeveloped coast (including this beach where Michner's Hawaii was filmed) and ending at long Yokohama Beach. At Yokohama, the road ends and a rugged trail (once the bed of a narrow-gauge railroad) continues 2.25 miles to low-slung Kaena Point, the northwest tip of the island. Laysan albatrosses and other seabirds love it here.

To check out the West Side, first take a look at Oahu Trailblazer, pages 200 to 213. You really haven't seen Hawaii until you've seen this place.