Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twin Falls: Hana Highway's opening salvo

Twin Falls Farmstand is only at mile two along the Maui's notorious Hana Highway--well before the road's onslaught of one-lane bridges and dripping jungle scenery. So, if you stop here, plan on getting sucked in for the day and making the Hana excursion another time.

Tips: Twin Falls has become very popular, so either show up early or wait until about noon for the first wave of tourists to move on. Wear shoes that you can get wet while making stream crossings and navigating muddy sections. Most visitors go to the most-popular of the falls, but you can find relative solitude at five other pools-with-waterfalls that are very nearby, on the same stream.(See Maui Trailblazer for details; or do some exploring. Two pools are immediately to the left after entering the grounds.)

Watch out: Don't dive into any pool: submerged rocks are a hazard. If you want to jump, be sure to swim in and check out the landing area first. (At several of the falls, people jump from cliffs ranging up to 20 feet high.)

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