Thursday, September 19, 2013

Honolua Bay: Maui's Triple Play

Though the Honolua Marine Preserve on Maui's north leeward coast is best known for snorkeling, adventure seekers can also add a hike and surfing safari to the day's mix. From marginal roadside parking (show up early on primo days) a short walk through a botanical forest leads to the small bay with a rocky shore. After rains, a stream muddies the waters, but aside from that the water clarity is good.

You can take a peek from a turnout on the south side of Honolua as you approach from Kapalua. On the north side, a spur road leads out to the mouth of the bay, where surfers carry boards down a cliff to right-breaking waves that are among the best in Hawaii. The bluff at the bay's mouth is a perfect grandstand. From the surf parking, a road/trail skirts the cliff to Lipoa Point. You can walk a low shelf to water's edge to watch some spectacular wave action, and, on the calmest of days, find some nooks to take a dip and do more snorkeling. Maui Trailblazer has the deets, beginning on page 72.