Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oahu's Yokohama Beach

Yokohama Beach on the Waianae Coast is generally not on the Oahu tourist's agenda. The beautiful stretch of sand invites sun worshippers and the left break bodyboarder wave riders. The best chance for getting safely in the ocean during the winter is the Kaena Keiki Pond. Drive past the first parking lot and the lifeguard tower and park along the road near the spillway, about .25 miles before the end of the road. A reefy section opens to a few pools, bath tub sized. Throw in a great view toward the Waianae escarpments and you have yourself a secluded spot to enjoy your day in Hawaii. Word of warning: don't leave valuables in your car. For other beaches in the area consult your Oahu Trailblazer guidebook.