Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pololu Valley: A Big Island Family Adventure

At the end of the road on the northwest tip of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Pololu Valley Lookout lures visitors into a stunning seascape. A steep road (more of a wide rocky trail) leads down about 400 feet over .75-mile to a rugged beach with a stream: Enough of a hike to make for a family adventure, without being overly strenuous or hazardous.

From the beach, big boys and girls can strap on hiking boots and continue on a trail along this roadless coast. The first few miles of the trail are strenuous and at times washed out by slides. After that, the route—which continues to Waipo Valley—becomes truly wild-and-wooly, and not recommended for visitors (unless fully equipped and experienced). See Hawaii Trailblazer, beginning on page 35.

For more hikes onto private lands in this area, contact Hawaii Forest & Trail (800-464-8505), a premier hiking company with experienced guides.