Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zzzzziping at Kauai's Princeville Ranch

No doubt Tarzan would prefer zipline cables over his usual hanging vines to take a ride down the green gorges and ridges of the 2,500-acre Princeville Ranch on the north shore of Kauai. He would go a whole lot faster and be snugged in safe, that's for sure.

Upbeat and athletic guides give everyone an intro and fit you into double-clipped harnesses. They start you out on a baby ride to get the hang of it. You then take seven more-thrillinng rides, interconnected by short walks and footbridges, ramping up (literally) to the final King Kong—whose name speaks for itself. By then everyone will be ready to jump into the blue and watch the scenery whizz by. The lines do make a "zipping" noise, kind of a long hum, which adds to a soundtrack of yeehaws! and birdsong. Some seasoned zippers let it all hang out, like trapeze artists in a freefall, flying backwards with one hand securely on the harness rope.

Call or email Princeville Ranch Adventures. Ziplines are just one of their many adventure tours. The company is run by the Carswells, whose family have operated the ranch and riding stables for many generations.