Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hawaii Travel Tips

1. Go to Hawaii
2. Spend a little more on a nice room, and cut back on restaurants
3. Always call the desk/reservation person in the Islands (as opposed to an 800 number someplace else). You can tell much about the Aloha of the place over the phone.
4. If you plan to hike, bring a retractable pole--Hawaiian trails are often slick and steep.
5. Ocean safety: When in doubt don't go out. High waves ALWAYS indicate increased rip tide.
6. Freebie: The best luxury resorts often have museum quality art and cultural exhibits.
7. Get takeout and have a sunset dinner on the beach.
8. Most hiking and snorkeling tours go to places that are free to the public. Make sure your tour goes someplace special.
9. You can find the best deals on rooms by booking well in advance---or at the last minute.
10. Get a copy of No Worries Hawaii: It's full of freebies, trip planning advice, safety necessities, and includes a self-test to decide which island is right for you and your travel mates (along with specifics on accommodations, attractions, and where to go to see the best of what Hawaii has to offer.