Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anahola Aloha

Anyone looking for an old-timey, little-grass-shack getaway to Hawaii need look no further than Anahola on Kauai's east shore. Leave the strappy sandals at home. Bring the cross-trainers for some excellent coasta hiking, swim fins for above-average snorkeling, and surfboard to try several good near-shore breaks. And throw in the mountain bike to connect with red-dirt trails that continue miles to Kapa'a.

While your at it, scrounge up a kayak and head up jungled Anahola stream. But save some time to kick back in palm-frond shade and gaze at the Anahola Mountains that surround the three-mile bay.

Also bring some respect for the Hawaiian culture, as Anahola is one of the first communities to be designated as Hawaiian Homelands, thanks to Johah Kuhio, Hawaii's first congressional representatives. For more on this superlative spot—and a number of wild beaches that are nearby—check out Kauai Trailblazer, pages 64 to 71.