Monday, November 7, 2011

Find Your Dream: No Worries Hawaii now an eBook

Trailblazer Travel Books announces that their No Worries Hawaii guidebook is now available on Amazon's Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. Have it with you wherever you go and happy vacation planning.

This planning guide is full of freebies and tips for all the islands, including all the nuts-and-bolts needed to plan a vacation that lives up to expectations. At the heart of No Worries Hawaii is a self-test that allows would-be-visitors to hone in on which island to visit, where to stay, and to choose from the best activities and attractions. Each person will have a different take on what constitutes a "dream" vacation: No Worries Hawaii has put it all together.

A large section of the book offers 36 different categories of Hawaiian activities (e.g., beginner snorkeling beaches, museums, tropical hikes, botanical gardens, places to watch surfers, wild beaches). The top 20 places for each category are grouped by island—and boldfaced entries note Hawaii's top five in each category.

As the title suggests, the end result is a worry-free vacation—with time spent having fun and not trying to find it. A Wikiwiki phonebook appendix lists the best accommodations, tours, campsites, attractions, with contact information. No Worries Hawaii has been out in paper for several editions. The authors have spent decades in Hawaii, and also have written a detailed travel guide for each of the islands, which go hand in hand with the planning guide.