Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maui's Tall Lord

Kahakuloa Head—known as the Tall Lord wearing a feather cape to early Hawaiians—is a West Maui landmark that can be seen along the Windward coast from Kahalui to Ho'okipa. Most people drive right on by while taking the white-knuckle narrow highway north from Lahaina through Kahakuloa Village. Portions of the road are barely one lane, so you need to take a gander from up high to make sure the school bus isn't coming up.

There is a several-car turnout at the head, at the saddle it shares with Pu'u Kaahulianapa (pictured on the right). You can walk an eroded trail between these two mini-mountains to a cliff-side overlook. Moke'ehia Island Seabird Sanctuary is visible, and it is common to get fly-bys from tropic birds and other winged mariners. During the winter, humpback whales like to swim close by the Tall Lord and the acoustics are such that you can hear them exhale. See Maui Trailblazer, page 78 for more details on this remote section of the island.