Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kauai's Hidden House Beach

House (Anapalau) Beach is a walk from Donkey Beach, which is a walk from a highway trailhead in east Kauai near Kealia Beach—which means it is way off the radar for most visitors. On weekends you may see a couple Hawaiian families and even dirt-bikers tearing up the red dirt trails that come in from another direction on Anahola's backroads. But most of the time this sweet cove is the sort of place adventurer seekers lust after.

The snorkeling is good-to-excellent. One end of the beach (pictured) has a sandy entry and is perfect for kids. Fish-viewers also can walk around the cove to a rocky point and swim back toward shore. The walk from the trailhead is only 2-plus miles roundtrip, with 200 feet of elevation, though hikers can make longer by missing a turn in the grass and wandering inland. No matter, keep going down the coast and you'll find it. BTW: There is no longer a house here. See Kauai Trailblazer page 71 for more details.