Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hawaiian Slippers

From SoHo to SoCal, flip-flops in recent years have become fashion footwear for men and women. During previous decades, the rubber sandals (a.k.a zorries, tabis, thongs, go-aheads) were hard to find among an array of strap-on  river shoes—but not in Hawaii.

Usually called slippers (“slippahs”), the airy shoes have been the unquestioned king of sole, the primary pediatric vehicle that transported the whole family’s feet from the beach to the home—where no shoes are ever worn, especially in someone’s house.

So don’t bring fancy open-toed doo-dads to the Islands. The slipper will do the job from morning to night. And don’t worry about trying to hunt a pair down in your hometown, since you’ll find scads of cheap options in all local stores, like ABC, Whaler’s, and Longs, not to mention your mom ‘n’ pop Wal Mart. They start around five dollars.

You might think about spending a little more and getting a form-fitting, arch-support model, such as those made by Teva, Reef, Montrail and other companies. They hold up well and are good for coastal hiking and sightseeing strolls.