Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maui: hike, snorkel, surf, drive .... and EAT!

Whether splurging on a honeymoon or trying to feed the sunburned family from the spare change jar, Top Maui Restaurants is going to come in handy. Foodie journalists James and Molly Jacobson live on the island and have sampled the goods of virtually every restaurant. This book is well written, friendly advice from locals who know their stuff. No sense in taking potluck with the pocketbook when you can dip into their exhaustive compendium for frank appraisals and recommendations. Their guide is market fresh (the newest edition is 2010), but for morsels hot off the hibachi, the Jacobsons host a website and blog (www.mauirestaurantsblog.com).

In order to work up a Haleakala-sized appetite, pack Maui Trailblazer close to the Top Maui Restaurants. Talk about hand-in-glove. Hike, snorkel, surf, and sightsee yourself silly, and then check out the most-enticing nearby eats.

Okay, you're right all of this sounds like advertising. But you're hitting the Visa hard to have fun in a limited amount of time on Maui, so it does make sense to follow the tracks of people who love the island and spent a lot of time scoping the place for you—rather than sorting through the slick brochures, wandering around, and hoping for the best. There is ALOHA on Maui, and you will find it in the pages of these books.