Saturday, May 1, 2010

Volcano update

This composite image of the County viewing area in Kalapana combines a thermal image, showing the active flow lobe in red and yellow, with a normal photograph. The lighter yellow areas are locations of active breakouts at the flow margin, and smoke can be seen originating from the flow front where breakouts are burning vegetation.

From a spectator:   "Yesterday we saw the flow advancing and surround new portions of the road. Then we hiked back to the old viewing area near the ocean and in the middle of a litte kipuka splitting it  a giant waterfall of red and purple lava was in a furious flow....this was not a stream of lava  but a wide waterfall tumbling over a cliff as if a damn of water had just broken, but it was all lava. If you look on the map you can see the end of the bright red lump   ..we were a little beyond that as the lava has moved further toward the was truly amazing."

Use extreme caution in these areas.  Before you go, check the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park website for most accurate viewing areas and flow field conditions.