Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flying Hawaiian Style

Aloha begins at the airport when flying Hawaiian Airlines, the Honolulu-based carrier that consistently is at the top of the list for being on-time, handling your baggage, and getting raves from customers. Visitors wishing longer stays in the islands should also note that Hawaiian's low fares don't come with restrictions on how long you can stay.

You really will feel your vacation begin as you put your seatback into its full upright position, receive instructions from flight crew who live in the islands, and then watch islandy travelogues while sipping a free pog (pineapple-orange-guava juice).

Hawaiian has numerous flights from all major and many secondary airports in the West. Most flights land in Honolulu, where you board a wikiwiki (fast-fast) bus to an outer-island terminal to connect to Maui, the Big Island, Molokai, or Kauai (unless of course you are staying in Oahu). Direct flights to Maui are available from Portland and Seattle. It's always smart to shop around when purchasing airline tickets, but unless you find a fantastic deal elsewhere, Hawaiian is the best way to get a vacation started. Be sure to check out their special web offers.