Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not an insurance salesman

Though similar to a gecko, mascot for Geiko Automobile Insurance, this lovable lizard is most often confused with chameleons. But let's set the record straight, pictured is a green anole (scientific name:  Anolis carolinensis) sunning himself on our Kilauea cottage deck.  

Anoles are sometimes called "chameleons." This is due to their color-changing ability, especially, who when severely stressed or ill will turn dark brown. Anoles produce no sounds. They can drop their tails if grabbed or otherwise feel threatened. A new tail will generally grow in but regenerated tails are rarely the same as the original in color, texture, or size. They measure from 7 to 12 inches. Males are larger than females and have a pink dewlap (throat fan) which they use to display to females and rivals.
BTW, to be fair, our friend the gecko is far more common in Kauai.  More apt to be seen peeking behind the curtain from even the most plush hotel accommodations.