Thursday, July 30, 2009

S.U.P. Maui

Stands for Stand Up Paddle (aka Beach Boy) surfing, an emerging popular sport with a Hawaiian heritage. Recently introduced to the surfing world again by pro Laird Hamilton, more and more watersport enthusiasts are getting hooked. Check out Giada De Laurentis's first attempt.

Storms are brewing, however, as territorial "prone" surfers compete for wave space. All the sub-groups of surfing can annoy each other whether its shortboarders, longboarders, body boarders, kayakers, kite surfers or windsurfers. Now that SUP is catching on in a big way, riders will have to develop a boundary code to fend off stink eye and bring peace to the lineup. For a roster of Maui's best surfing beaches, check out the No Worries Hawaii guide.