Friday, May 1, 2009

Skydive Oahu

"When people look like ants - PULL. When ants look like people - PRAY." - anon

An activity to definitely get your pulse rate racing is tandem skydiving. The Hawaii Pacific Skydiving Center on Oahu's North Shore is a great place to test your courage. For $178 you'll be assigned a certified jumper and tandem dive 14,000 feet. Digital photos and videos are an extra $190. The views are, of course, stunning and the thrill, the rush, the opportunity to float through the air or scare yourself to death (pardon the pun), is for sure an experience worth trying once.

If you chicken out there's a host of other things to do along the Mokuleia Coast. Windsurf, biking, and hiking to name just a few. Begin your journey on page 176 of the Oahu Trailblazer.