Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi Ho Silver Falls

Don’t expect a dusty trail ride at Silver Falls Ranch on Kauai’s north shore. Yes, the ranch’s several hundred acres are set in the crater of a former volcano, but this one is millions of years old and far from hot, its rim now the rippling green ridge of the Makaleha Mountains with a caldera floor that became a swamp lush with tropical flora and is now planted with a garden of over 1,000 palm trees of several species.

The ranch’s namesake is a frothy cataract with a cool mountain pool where wranglers enjoy a swim and catered lunch. The ranch offers several different excursions, all less than a half-day and suited for both greenhorns and buckaroos of all sizes and ages. This land is unique in many ways and upon the back of a faithful steed is an opportunity to get up close and make a personal connection.