Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Out-There Aloha

Huialoha Church on the south coast of Maui is not exactly a secret—it was featured on TV's Amazing Race, although only a couple of teams actually found it—but it will impart a faraway sense of aloha, set on a low bluff and rugged bay across frothy waters from the Big island. In ancient times, the south coast would change hands in battles between the warring islands, since this shore is the beachhead for sea wars.

Today only a few spear fishermen and breached Monk Seals take the beach. The beautifully set church draws locals, and has been hit by vandals in recent years, which has caused a chain to sometimes block the quarter-mile entry road. A couple miles away is a Maui institution, the Kaupo Store, open 24/7, except when it's not, a policy that has stood for 30 years. Sit a spell with a beer or ice cream on the weatherworn porch and watch the world go by. Check out Maui Trailblazer for more details.