Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunshine Markets

Every day, somewhere on Kauai, tourists and locals alike line up with a fistful of dollars and empty bags ready to descend on folding tables loaded with organic fruits and vegetables fresh from backyard gardens. Hanalei, pictured here, has markets on Tuesday and Saturday.

Sellers range from single-item folks sharing the bounty from their pet tree, to communal efforts offering a wide range of herbs, greens, veggies and fruits. You won’t find this stuff in local supermarkets, and the price is right. Half of the items at Sunshine Markets will be foreign to visitor’s palates, tasting of egg, chocolate, or a fusion of citrus. Also on hand are honey, goat cheese, orchids, noni products, heliconia bouquets, paintings, photography and handcrafted jewelry.

Eat from Sunshine Markets during a two-week vacation and your body will feel the aloha upon your return to the Mainland. See page 229 of Kauai Trailblazer.